Kat + Steve

I get really nervous just before I deliver the bouquets, it's like a million butterflies in my stomach. But it disappears when you hand

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Sandra + Trevor

Peonies, truck loads of greenery, white phaleanopsis orchids, this wedding was a florist's dream. I love that I have an amazing team

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Cassie's wedding was held at Peregrines, Table Top Albury. Cassie supplied us with wheat from her family's farm to go in her

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Protea, deep purple rose, misty, snaps and my favourite flower.. dahlias. Lauren wanted a mix of natives and pops of dark colours

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Emily is our Graphic designer who owns Me and Em graphic design in Wangaratta. We have loved working with Emily over the

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Wow! Elithia you looked stunning! These pictures are just beautiful. I absolutely love bridesmaids in patterned dresses. Elithia wanted lots of different

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Pip + Aaron

This year we have had some pretty amazing weddings, weddings that have pushed us to be more creative, using different techniques and

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Boho Shoot.

Our first shoot! Big thanks to everyone who helped out. It was such an amazing day. Photographer: Peppermint studios, Invitations: Me &

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Welcome to The Rutherglen wedding Company's first blog! My name is Katie. I live in Rutherglen, Victoria. I was very unsure on

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