Welcome to The Rutherglen wedding Company’s first blog! My name is Katie. I live in Rutherglen, Victoria. I was very unsure on what to write for my first post. I have googled and googled ‘how to write your first blog post’ apparently I’m meant to tell you about myself and my business as if i’m trying to sell myself to the reader? hmmm… where to start? Maybe trying to write my first blog post the day before the Albury wedding fair wasn’t a good idea. Its 5.30am I still have to paint half our stand and I cant decide on a colour. Pink or white. Pink or white. This has been going round in my head all night, something so small yet I have to analyze it like my life depended on it. If its pink it will stand out and be a dominate feature, if its white it will blend and probably make the flowers that are going on it stand out more. But, I like to be quirky, so pink.. no wait.. white. this was my night, now my morning.

So anyway, this blog will be about me, my mum, Amber Rose Florist and The Rutherglen Wedding Company. There will be a few mentions about my kids and my husband. I will post about the weddings we create, some old weddings we have beautified and anything wedding related that I like. OH wait! I paint the stand white and paint the chair pink for that little bit of quirkiness.. done.